Theological Reflections

Theological Reflections is a unique spiritual mentoring program that seeks to provide students with a caring adult in the community. Every student can benefit from a mentor.

The Theological Reflections program consists of mentors and students that meet one-on-one or in small groups each month for a total of nine sessions.

Students and mentors explore a different theme and topic each month. Themes include social justice, scripture reflection, Catholic traditions, reflection on liturgical seasons and the mass.

Theological Reflections Program Coordinator: Ms. Annie Tompkins

Goals of Program

  • Help students grow in their faith
  • Foster relationships between students and positive, caring adults
  • Develop a sense of community in larger mentoring group
  • Challenge students to reflect more deeply on their spirituality and relationship with God
  • Teach students to pursue a commitment to service and peace in society
  • To gain more depth and understanding of the Scriptures and its themes

2013-2014 Theological Reflections Schedule

(All on Fridays from 11:10-12:30)
Friday, September 6th

Friday, October 11th

Friday, November 15th

Friday, December 13th

Friday, January 10th

Friday, February 14th

Friday, March 14th

Friday, April 11th

Friday, May 9th

Volunteer Information

As a volunteer, one will serve as a spiritual mentor to a Bishop Ward student and guide the student's Catholic faith formation and Christian lifestyle.

All volunteers will have gone through the Virtus screening program, and will remain current and active in their Virtus training activities as required by the Archdiocese of Kansas City, Kansas.
If you are interested in becoming a spiritual mentor for a Bishop Ward student, please contact  Ms. Annie Tompkins at 913.371.1201.

Virtus-Protecting God's Children

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