Miss Margaret M. Fay Scholarship Fund


Miss Margaret M. Fay, Class of 1934

Former students rally to honor Miss Margaret Fay
Miss Margaret Fay was best known for her high standards of English grammar, journalistic integrity and devotion to the Catholic Church. She taught at Bishop Ward High School for 38 years. Her love of family, faith in God, and passion for teaching impacted generations of Bishop Ward students. Truly, teaching was the joy of her life and, as Miss Fay said herself, she wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Lead by example
Also, true to her nature was the ability to lead. Miss Fay ranks as one of the first alumni members of the Bishop Ward Legacy Society. Legacy Society members are alumni and friends whom have established endowments at the $10,000 level and/or included Bishop Ward High School in their estate plans.

Endowment is the future
Endowment support is important for long-term sustainability. Thanks to teachers like Miss Margaret Fay, Bishop Ward’s reputation is well known for Academic Excellence, Catholic Formation, Athletic Achievement and Arts and Music Programs. Annual earnings from the endowment close the gap between the actual costs of education and tuition paid by all families.

Here are a few facts about Bishop Ward in 2011

• Our students graduate and attend college. 95% average attend college and graduating classes consistently earn over $1 million dollars in college scholarships.

• Vision for 500 qualified students is within reach as Catholic youth population continues to grow in Wyandotte County.

• Alumni support is very strong and giving is high. Our alumni and community leadership support our school. Over six million dollars was recently invested in capital improvements to our academic building and athletic facilities.

• All of our students pay tuition. Even those families who qualify for financial aid are sacrificing to find a way for their children to be here preparing for college and forming in their Catholic faith.

Tradition of Academic Excellence

Academy of Finance is a specialized curriculum and financial laboratory that develops business leaders for the future. The students learn from hands-on experience in the workplace that prepares them for college and life.

Animal Science: Over 100 species of animals live in our St. Francis of Assisi classroom where students learn through hands-on, real life science education in the animal sciences.

Chemistry and Science: Saint Albert the Great Chemistry room offers state of the art science programs and curriculum. Alumni and foundations invested over $450,000 in this classroom that is the envy of every high school in the area.

Mentoring: Research has proven that a mentor in a young person life has tremendous positive impact. There are over 150 academic and spiritual mentors coming into the school each month for personal mentoring sessions with our students.

Catholic Youth Ministry: Bishop Ward is educating and preparing young Catholic youth as leaders for the Catholic Church. Retreats, religion classes, and evangelization are unique and are not offered in local parishes. Students experience a four year conversation with God in order to listen and respond to God’s call in their lives.

History repeats itself...
sacred mission in Wyandotte County 
If one compares the first graduating class of 1912 to the today’s class of 2012, there are may parallels — the school continues to serve Catholic families, many of whom are new immigrants, who have bright dreams of a quality education for their children.

The task was not easy then, nor is it now—to make Catholic education affordable and accessible for all. The Endowment established in honor of Miss Margaret Fay will play an integral part of Bishop Ward’s mission today and well into the future.

At 94, Miss Fay, the 2006 Bishop Ward Hall of Fame inductee is doing well. As one who can attest to the impact Miss Fay had upon his life, former student Michael Bartkoski ’63 still keeps in contact with her by bringing the Holy Eucharist to her home each week. In honor of her lasting contributions to Bishop Ward and her students, Bartkoski and Ron Miller ’63 are now striving to establish an endowment in her name with a goal of $100,000.

If you are a colleague, friend, or former student of Miss Fay, please consider joining the committee and making a donation to the Miss Margaret M. Fay Endowment Fund today. Contact Michael Bartkoski '63 at mjbart@kc.rr.com or Mrs. Mary Hurla ’80 Spangler in the Development Office at 913.371.6901

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