Legacy Points

Legacy Points: Bishop Ward Catholic Social Service Outreach

Every student attending Bishop Ward High School is expected to participate in earning Legacy points. Legacy points are a way for each student to give back. Students are encouraged to look at their own gifts and talents and use them to earn their Legacy points.

Students will earn a yearly Pass/Fail grade for Legacy Points. To Pass (and be eligible for exam waivers), a student must:
- earn at least 4 Legacy points by Dec. 1,
- earn at least 4 Legacy points by May 1 (Apr. 1 for Seniors),
- and successfully complete the Legacy Presentation by May 1 (for Freshman and Sophomores).

Legacy Points
Students must earn 32 points to graduate, at least 8 points per year. All Legacy points must be verified in the Legacy Reflection Journal by an adult from the organization where the service is performed. It must include the name of the organization and supervisor, phone number, date and hours of service, and a signature. Points will be awarded once the student has completed a thorough reflection in the Legacy Reflection Journal and the Cyclone Time teacher has signed off on it. Journals are due to Campus Ministry on December 1 and May 1 (April 1 for seniors).

† Tier 1 – 4 points
-Mission Trips
-Helping with a parish or Archdiocese wide event
-Habitat for Humanity

† Tier 2 – 2 points
-Open House
-Freshmen Enrollment Night
-Class wide project

† Tier 3 – 1 point 
-Back to School Night
-helping a teacher after school
-raking leaves for neighbors/grandparents
-helping in the office during the summer

Legacy Presentation
Freshman and sophomore students will create and present a final project to their Cyclone Time class once their Legacy points are completed for the year. Students will work with their Cyclone Time teacher to create a way to share their experience of service. Presentations need to be no more than 10 minutes and could be a display, booklet, PPT, etc. To earn a passing grade, students must earn a YES on each area of the rubric. If there is a No marked, the student will do the presentation again at a later date.

Presentations will be evaluated on the following Rubric:
Did I use a Visual Aid?    
Did I share who I served?    
Did I share how this impacted me?    
Did I share how this impacted others?    
Was I prepared to do my presentation?

Class Legacy Project
Each grade level will plan a class Legacy project once a school year. Students from the grade level will be strongly encouraged to attend the class Legacy project. Student Council will help lead these discussions.

The primary responsibility for Legacy points lies with each student. We strongly encourage families to get involved together in community outreach and service. In order to help provide some guidance and direction on where to volunteer, students may stop by the Campus Ministry Office for suggestions and recommendations. Students may get additional service forms to staple into their Legacy Reflection Journal from the Campus Ministry Office (Room 203) or download a form here. Contact Ms. Kate Nowakowski in the Campus Ministry Office at 913.371.1201 for questions or additional information.

  • 708 North 18th St.
  • Kansas City, Ks 66102
  • phone: 913.371.1201
  • fax: 913.371.2145