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708 North 18th Street
Kansas City, KS 66102

Summer hours are currently in effect. 
The main office is open 8am-5pm Monday-Thursday and 8am-2pm on Friday.
The business office is open 8am-4pm Monday-Friday.
The development office is open 8:30am-5:30pm Monday-Thursday and 8am-noon Friday.
Counselors will be in on Wednesdays from 8am-12pm. 
The spirit shop is open by appointment only. 

Important Phone Numbers 

Front Office: 913-371-1201

Development/Admissions Office 
(913) 371-6901  

Business Office
(913) 371-0717
FAX (913-956-4834)

Spirit Shop
(913) 371-6814

   Stadium (913) 321-1548

Baseball Field
(913) 281-1343 

Event Directions

 Enter through the front door of the building. 

 Enter Bishop Ward at the southwest entrance of the building.

 Athletic Fields:
 Bishop Ward's Football and Baseball fields are located two blocks east of the school, at the southeast corner of 16th Street and Armstrong Avenue.

Faculty & Staff Email Directory

President: Father Thomas Schrader, O. Carm.

Principal Ms. Karen Hopson
Dean of Students/Athletic Director: Mr. Greg Duggins
Director of Technology: Mr. John Riley
Assistant Principal: Mrs. Amanda Vega-Mavic

Ms. Annie Tompkins  (A-L)
Mrs. Anita Gregory   (M-Z)

Support Staff
Business Manager: Mr. Fritz Percca
Ayuda para los hispano hablantes (Help for Spanish Speakers): Ms. Denisse Ramos
Health Office/AD Secretary/Registrar: Ms. Angie Gregory
Library and Media Specialist/Director of International Relations: 
 Ms. Ursula Charbonneau
Building Manager:  Mr. Dennis Hurla
Front Office Manager/Attendance Office: Mrs. Sue McNellis-Reed
Food Director: Mr. Rick Atallah
Maintenance: Mr. Dave Paterson

Development Office
Development Director: Ms.Maggie Mohrfeld

Marketing & Alumni Manager: Mr. Joshua Sukraw
Recruiting & Events Manager: Ms. Lydia Alvarez Nickols
Grants/Major Gift Manager: Mrs. Kathy Calcara
Endowment and Major Gifts Manager: Mrs. Mary Spangler
Major Gifts and Program Manager: Mrs. Shelley Coulter
Development Assistant: Ms. Diana Mera

Mr. Andrew Boland - English
Ms. Courtney Boyd - Theology
Mr. Adam Braunschweig
 - Music
Ms. Ursula Charbonneau - Social Studies
Mr. Galo Delgado - Spanish
Mr. Tim Dorian - Business
Mr. TJ Dorian - Social Studies
Ms. Lori Dowd - Business, Computer
Ms. Celia Fox - Theology
Mr. Robert Franks - Math
Mr. Travis Grosdidier - Physical Education
Mr. Mike Hardin - Social Studies
Ms. Mary Lane - Theology
Ms. Jackie Lawless - English
Ms. Kelly Lipovitz - English
Mr. Ignacio Martinez-Alonso - Science
Mr. Jeffrey Nesselhuf- Business
Mr. Kam Ridley - Social Studies
Mr. Daniel Shaver - Math
Mrs. Mary Sieczkowski - Math
Mrs. Marta Silva - Spanish
Ms. Laura Smith - Physical Education
Mr. Truman Snow - Science
Mrs. Rachel Steelman - Science
Mr. Nick Tomasic - Art
Ms. Annie Tompkins - Theology
Mr. Kevin Walterbach - Math
Ms. Laura Williams - English
Ms. Lindsey Wilson - Spanish
Ms. Renee Winkel - Theology, Director of Evangelization

  • 708 North 18th St.
  • Kansas City, Ks 66102
  • phone: 913.371.1201
  • fax: 913.371.2145